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    Twin Life Staff

  • Editor:
    Elise Howard

  • Associate Editors:
    Debbie Thomas, Steve Watkins, Linus Graves, and Soo Lin Xi

  • Art Director:
    Barbara Kaughman

  • Executive Director:
    Cindy Maise

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    Ken Washington

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    Alice Burdt

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    Randy Browne

Elise Howard, Editor

From the Editor

Hi! And welcome to another issue of the Twin Life online magazine. We have a lot of interesting articles as well as our usual features. Remember, you can obtain more of Twin Life by subscribing to the Twin Life monthly magazine.

In this issue:

Dr. Peter Kuhlman writes about how twins acquire speech and the difficulties that you should be aware of as a parent of multiple-birth children.

The always popular Dr. Karen Kirkman returns with some advise about helping your children develop their own personalities in the face of competition from their own sibling.

Miriam Lasker reports on the 1999 Chicago convention of the Illinois chapter of the Multiple Birth Assocation.

And enjoy, as always, Twin Tips from Dr. Lucas Lawson, our special recipe of the month, and the photo of the month. If you have the time, please fill out our survey form so that we can better serve you.

Elise Howard, Editor

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